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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Like Father, Like Son...

Here's a few pics taken by my wife on Saturday shortly before a nasty accident involving the floor and the camera...ouch!

Here is my son Cameron, at 4 years 5 months old, about to play his first 'proper' wargame!! He has been fascinated by 'Daddy's soldiers' for a while, but things have really taken off since I started painting my Lord of the Rings stuff and since I went to see 'The Hobbit' - he saw the trailer on TV and was amazed - demanded to hear the story, what happened, who the people were, etc...

So I dragged out the One Rulebook (The Hobbit is a lovely rulebook, but some of the changes aren't too great, IMHO...monsters are now stupidly hard and I hate the warbands thing from a while back too) and we had 10 Elves plus a captain against 15 Orcs plus a captain.

Cameron took the Elves... We used the Saga measuring sticks as he can't use the measuring tape yet (ok, the 4" one isn't half the 6" one but who cares) and played til the Orcs' courage ran out.

He grasped the fight mechanics really well and really loved seeing Orcs die in droves!!!

Now all Cameron wants to do is play Lord of the Rings and my wife is in  despair, as she has two 'geeks' in the house!! :-)

Tune in in the next few days to hear of the latest Dux Britanniarum game - it has all gone very wrong for Praefectus Andrucius... :-(


Anibal Invictus said...

He, he, he... The dark side of the hobby is irresistible!! My warmest welcome to the new Padawan!!!

I'm training my 13 year-old youngster in the lore of X-Wing... next step Wings of Glory... and after... no limit

DeanM said...

Good job! Great father son endeavor - he certainly looks discerning. Dean

James Brewerton said...

My Dad and are as close as any two friends could ever be thank in no small part to our joint love of wargames

Dalauppror said...

Very nice Andy ! Keep that up, so we get a new generation of wargamers.

I actually had both my 9 year Daughter and my 3,5 year Son in for some medieval gaming this weekend, they like the knights... The Daughter can realy play and thing about different approches to win the games and the son are still happy about rolling dice and counting dots....and winning ofcourse...

Best regards Michael

BigRedBat said...

Great, start them young!

I've 3 boys, but only one is an occasional gamer, which is a terrible pity.

Matt said...


He's 4 & 1/2. Crikey, doesn't time fly?

Glad you both enjoyed the game. Your next assignment is to get your wife playing :o)

Have fun!