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Saturday, 3 January 2009

Romano-Gallic Army, 460-486AD

This is the army I'm taking to Cold Steel next week. It's meant to represent the army of the Roman enclave of Aegidius and Syagrius in Gaul around 460-486AD. As a result, it's a predominantly Roman army with Frankish allies and is taken from the Age of Arthur Romano-British 'Twilight of Britannia' lists, as recommended by the authors for the Romano-Gallic armies of the period.
First, here's the General: Comes Paulus Aurelianus (the 'Count Paul' from Gregory of Tours' History of the Franks).

Here is the Army Standard: Decurio Quintus Ambrosinus.

Now the Commanipulares: Legio Honoriani Gallicani:

Now the Roman infantry (milites): Auxilia Gallicani Iuniores:

Here is the Frankish Antrustio Marcomir and his Franci: Foederati Franci:

And now a shot of the whole army. The cavalry and skirmishers have appeared elsewhere on this blog amongst my Welsh army.

All models by Gripping Beast. All banners and shields hand painted as always.

You can look forward to a report after Cold Steel. So far the army has played 3, won 2, lost 1!!!!


Matt said...

Great looking toy soldiers ... as usual! Like the new look blog too.



GuitarheroAndy said...

Thanks Matt!
I thought I'd spruce the blog up a bit and add all those snazzy extra bits that Blogger offers!!!!

Dalauppror said...

Lovely painted minis !!!! Greate banners and shields! A real joy to look at!