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Monday, 5 May 2008

A Grand Day Out....

Hi All

Just got back from a delightful morning out at Flag Fen (prehistoric/Bronze age historical site) near Peterborough.

Being Bank Hols, they always have some sort of event on, and this year it was 'Britannia' the Arthurian society doing a Romano-Brits vs Saxons re-enactment. Well, you know me and all things Arthurian - red rag to a bull, really - so I dragged the missus out and off we went.

Now, I've seen Britannia before. They were at Salute a couple of years back and were pretty darn good too! Today 's extravanganza was pretty spectacular, as not only did we get a full-on skirmish, but the Saxons arrived across the lake ( is the Fens!!) in a re-constructed curragh (hide-boat). That was pretty special, I can tell you!

Anyway, the narrative went something like this:

Saxon warlord arrives in his curragh demanding that the local Romano-Brits allow his people some land to settle on. Foolishly, they tell him to b*gger off and a few harsh words are exchanged (not to mention a few arrows, one of which came perilously close to one of the Saxon oarsmen's ears!!!)

The Saxons land and march on the Romano-Brit forces who attempt to defend their camp. Sadly, Saxon reinforcements arrive and the Romano-Brits get their a*se kicked big stylee and the camp gets looted!!

Here are some pics to support the narrative...

Pretty cool, I think you'll agree...although you'll also note that I did not take any pics of the victorious Saxons after the battle... You know me and Saxons!!!!!
If you like this sort of thing and ever see 'Britannia' advertised near where you live, go see them! It's a spectacle not to be missed!!

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