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Sunday, 6 April 2008

Shock!! Horror!! New painting!!!!

Here are those new painted figures I promised you on 1st April (so, no Dave, not an April Fool!!) Apologies for a few blurred pics. I'm having an issue with 'depth of field' at the mo and can't find the sodding camera manual!!!!

Anyway, the figures: First off, we have Ambrosius Aurelianus, Romano-British Dux for Age of Arthur. West Wind Arthur figure with a Foundry shield on Crusader Miniatures El Cid horse. Little conversion (just the helmet plume) but a BUGGER of a shield design! I'm actually halfway through a foot version, but can't face painting the shield again!!

Next, two Welsh lords for a 7th Century Age of Arthur warband (and maybe even Shieldwall Welsh at some point...) Both converted. These are heavily influenced by James Morris (the 'heroic' basing and the Celtic spirally shield designs) although I've decided against too much white, opting for madder red and ochre as counters to the usual black and white colours...

The first one is a West wind Mordred figure with his axe removed and with a Green Stuff belt pouch to cover up the mayhem where the axe handle attached to his belt! The shield was another first rate sod to paint, but I like the result! Same with the tartan tunic...ouch... Oh, BTW, the head is a West wind Saxon head. It came with a beard: I 'shaved' it off with a fine craft knife. I am sad...very sad...let's move on, shall we??!!

The next chap is a right old mish-mash of parts! Including the shield, there are 4 separate parts to this little conversion...Can anybody spot them? This was another b*stard of a shield design, but, again, it looks well cool!
Last, some new combrogi. These are GB figs (apart from one Foundry and the muso who is a West Wind Pict - great model!) and I've gone with very plain shields (some wil have simple spirals eventually) and simple tartans on some clothing. I want a totally 'non Roman' look to these little beauties...

So, that's what I've been painting... Next up, some Teulu conversions and then some Saxons (At last, eh Tony??!)
See ya.....


Chris said...

Awe-inspiring...gotta love the shields. You just keep getting better Andy. Two questions for you: How long does it take you to do a character figure; and why can't I paint like you?

Take it easy - but keep em coming


Dave said...

dey is sum well bad chit guy


niff spect


GuitarheroAndy said...

The second of those characters took me an evening to do the armour, flesh and the base colours for the clothing. Say 2 hours and then a bit more the next day. 5 - 6hours in total probably. However, I do paint in my lounge, where the TV is on and the missus and I are chatting, so it's not like I'm just hunched over a table in a tiny room all by myself! It's a lot of time, but worth it it for the uniqueness of the figures when I've finished. Of course, that doesn't include the converting time, which probably adds 2 hours or so to it, dpending on the amount of converting I have to do...especially if a lot of Green-Stuff and some sculpting is required!

Steve said...

Great stuff Andy!

Especially welsh lord #2. I'm tempted to take a week off the 6mm naps to get something like this done myself!