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Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Progress and stuff..

Thanks for all the kind words and good wishes either in replies to the previous post or in the emails. Very kind!

Impending daddyhood is a marvellous (if slightly scary) thing...

Anyhoo...back to painting and stuff.

Am pleased to report that I've been allowed out to attend Salute this year. I'll be mostly found hanging around the Newark Irregulars table where apparently some big Dark Age Welshies & Saxons thing will be going on. (@James & Steve: I promise not to drool too much over the wonderful figures or make too much of a nuisance of myself cheering on Cadwallon and his evil Saxon ally, Penda the pagan!!!!!!)

The rest of the day will be spent trying not to buy too much and working out how to get what I do purchase into the house and past the missus!! She's being really brill at the mo, despite the associated tiredness, etc, that come with being preggers. I know that I should not rely on this though and will really try not to purchase too much stuff for fear of unleashing the beast that lurks within...

As for painting, Tony's Saxons are being based and undercoated along with some Welshies and Saxons that I'm doing for me. I can paint those in my sleep and as they are all on foot, that'll cut the painting time down. I can paint horses really well, but they take me a bloody AGE to do, so some 7th C Welsh and a bunch of Saxons will be much easier than El Cid things...and anyway, one can NEVER have enough Arfur figs!!!!

I'm doing a few nifty conversions too. Most of them are GB attacking Teulu that I've...erm...chopped!!!! I love GB figs. The new Saxons are the dogs floppsy bitz, but the 'Welsh Teulu attacking' are a bit crap really...well,'s the heads that do it...they just don't look right to me! Not up to El Soapster's usual standards IMHO (sorry Soaps...) So anyway, I've removed the offending heads and replaced them with some suitably 7th Century-ish Saxon and Romano-Brit helmeted heads from West Wind (am going for the idea of a Welsh kingdom that trades with as well as fights with its saxon neighbours, hence the Saxon helmets). They look bloomin' great and fit in BEAUTIFULLY with the GB standing Teulu, (which I've left as they are cos they are fab models all the way!!)

Anyway, those are what I'm gonna be working on now, so expect a few 'in progress' pics soonish after Easter... I've decided to use James Morris' idea of doing spirals on the Welsh shields. I'll let you know how wise that idea is once I've tried a few!!!!

Right. I've an hour til the wife returns from Aqua-natal (???!!!!!) so time for a bit of painting before dinner!

See ya...

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WABit said...

It's good to have you back in action Andy. I look forward to seeiing your wares.....