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Sunday, 19 August 2007


Thanks to those of you who've replied ref the 20mm GW base affair... I now have innumerable options...thank goodness for that...very much appreciated one and all!!

Not much to report today other than the fact that 75% of that Caeasarian unit I mentioned on the last post are now finished! Speedy work indeed!! Trouble is, while the rain this weekend has helped the overall Roman painting, it has meant that I've not yet undercoated any Saxons...Still, looks fine so far this morning, so you never know...may be able to get out with the spray can...either that or I'll have to tidy the shed so I can get back to spraying 'indoors'...I'll need to do that for the winter anyway...Bum...shed-tidying...another job I loathe. Why do I let things get so bloomin' untidy? Answers on a used fiver.....

Anyway, Pics of Romans not far off now, I promise..

See ya

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